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REWAA is a driven by a group of committed IT professionals with vast experience in product development, IT services and embedded softwares. REWAA Tech has successfully achieved the objective of creating a high end IT projects company called an Intelligence Hub with deep functional and technical competence in almost every aspect of the IT industry.


We have a team of professionals who are committed to deliver projects on time and budget. We offered services in Enterprise Applications, ERP, Open source Softwares, Content management systems, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Mobile Application Development, Embedded Software / driver development, Business consulting, business process outsourcing, Ecommerce solutions, Web Development, Expert subject matters on Onsite offshore projects and implementation of this model depending on the project nature and Automated Test Environment.


Six fundamental objectives guide the operation of our business:

  • To use our expertise to the benefit of our clients.
  • To provide a return on investment to stakeholders.
  • To render link between business and technology.
  • To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth.
  • To promote employee development.
  • To use the technology for Social and Economic development.

In addition to these goals, formalized set of values are the key drivers of our business and shape our culture. These values are at the heart of our organization and are ethically practised within Rewaa and in partnership.


These values influence the way we meet clients needs and drive the business. We foster an environment to instil these values in every facet of our organization.

Customer Centric

In the sense of an emotional response and joy that the customer feels from interaction with our products and services.


Our goals and values are the commitment which gives direction to mobilize energies of the business to achieve the excellence.


Fair business practises in relation to obtain any form of benefit. We have clearly defined rules and regulations to follow these practices.


In a way, operate with ethics by always doing the best for our client based on best industry practises and standards. Deliver sound advice to the client based on the accumulated knowledge and professional in approach.


In relations with others and approach with individual.